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Cat Arambulo shares her newborn essentials with this video.


The Asian Parent Philippines gives you a rundown on the best baby carriers in the country.

International brand Baby K'Tan is certified safe for babies and even preemies! Mommy Tracy says that the mesh version makes it a cooler choice for our hot climate. This ring-type wrap also suits moms who underwent cesarean delivery because it doesn't reach the stitches.


Smart Parenting Magazine features our Baby K'tan Organic Baby Carrier.

Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, celebrity/blogger/mom, talks about her K'tans and the joys of babywearing.

It is like magic, how my baby just falls asleep inside of my K’tan it’s already time for his nap. (Better than being in a stroller!!!) As I’ve said before, I practice the Babywise schedule, where naps around Philip’s age now comes in about every 3 hours and for 1.5 hours long. Our life before the sling was full of missed naps, but since I got the K’tan, Philip’s been able to preserve a lot of them in it. (He was also so content to go through his night sleep in it when we were traveling back from Korea. We had to wake up at 4:00AM for our 8:00AM flight, and it was just sweet how he continued his night sleep in the K’tan after transferring from the bed.)


Belly Blessed feature Baby K'tan Baby Carriers


Working Mom magazine features actress Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio travelling in her Baby K'tan.

Mommy Pat gives us a rundown of her favorite carriers, including the Baby K'tan!

So after having three carriers, I still want more. I've been searching around the net, discovering a lot of other types of carriers and then I discovered the Baby K'Tan. I wanted one! Plus, it already has the sash for added security that wasn't included in the SaYa. I did buy it. And found it more comfortable and softer than my SaYa.
I became a happy camper. I'd have both hands free. When Jack-Jack's asleep, that's the only time I have to support his head so it wouldn't loll around. And I'd still have my other hand for doing other things. Although these things I can do with almost all my carriers, I can do these more... securely with my SaYa and K'tan.


Mom On Duty talks about parenting with her Baby K'tan

What’s awesome is that the Baby K’Tan works wonders in calming The Little Man down when he’s fussy. I just put him in the sling, walk around for a few minutes then he falls asleep! I don’t know what kind of magic it has, but really, it’s the only thing that calms him down (aside from breastfeeding).


Smart Parenting Magazine features Baby K'tan, along with other incredible products at The Nest: Attachment Parenting Hub.

Baby K'tan giveaway winner raves!

I am encouraging every parent to buy a Baby K’Tan baby carrier. Trust me; it is the better choice than carrying your child in your arms whole day. Aside from that, it helps develop your bond to your child, at an early age, they start to build up their sense of refuge and trust.


My Mommyology tells us about her carrier of choice.

I liked the K’Tan because it was like a shirt you could wear.  The fabric would stretch and move, but would always go back to its taut stage after a quick trip into the dryer.  It was also wide enough so that the weight distribution wasn’t just on the shoulders.  My back didn’t hurt like it used to with the other carriers.
I was easily able to manipulate the fabric.  And it worked out well because Jamie was (is) a sensitive and emotional child.  I think it did her good to be physically close to me as much as possible for as long as possible.


Net 25 in collaboration with The Parenting Emporium features newborn essentials, including our very own, Baby K'tan Baby Carrier.

Mompreneur Tiffany, distributor of Baby K'tan in the PH, featured as one of the 30 marvelous moms in the country.


The Asian Parent Philippines features mompreneur Tiffany, the woman behind bringing Baby K'tan in the Philippines.


The Parenting Emporium with the support of Abbie Yabot talk about breastfeeding whilst having her baby breastfeed in her Baby K'tan.


Baby K'tan PH distributor joins Baby K'tan founders and SG distributor at CBME SEA at Singapore.


Baby K'tan founders visit the Philippines for a Baby-wearing Meet-up at The Parenting Emporium.


Baby K'tan Philippines, gives back to the remote city of Abra by giving out free baby-carriers and educating them about baby-wearing, breast-feeding and cloth-diapering.


Baby K'tan X Baby Leaf booth gets awarded Best Booth at the annual Grand Baby Fair


Net25 features some of the best mom-baby brands in the country.